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  • azaz thakur

    azaz thakur

    i am a structure draughtsman with 21 yrs exp

    Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

  • Ramachandran Nair Reghu

    Ramachandran Nair Reghu

    I am an Electrical Engineering Diploma holder with more than 35 years experience in construction, maintenance, installat ...

    Al Farwānīyah, مُحَافَظَة اَلْفَرْوَانِيَّة

  • Ajeer Chotooz

    Ajeer Chotooz

    I’m from India 

    Al Faḩāḩīl, مُحَافَظَة اَلأَحْمَدِي

  • Shadab Ashraf

    Shadab Ashraf

    Having 15+Years of experience in construction projects from Inception to Completion Stage of medium to large scale. Curr ...

    Al Jahrā’, مُحَافَظَة الجَهْرَاء

  • Arshiya Shaikh

    Arshiya Shaikh

    Arshiya shaikh…lokking for a diabetic educator job…

    Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

  • Jihen Mehrez

    Jihen Mehrez

    Dynamic  · 9 years of experience 

    Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

  • jalal abushayeb

    jalal abushayeb

    I am an ambitious executive, with over 30 years’ experience in finance, HR, Treasury, supporting and operations manageme ...

    Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

  • Sheetal Meshram

    Sheetal Meshram

    Good morning, · I am Shital Meshram from India. I am post graduate in English literature. I have ability to handle all p ...

    Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

  • Suresh Maniyan

    Suresh Maniyan

    I am pleased to mention herewith that I am an ITI (2 Years Diploma course) certificate holder in Civil Draughtsman. I ap ...

    Al Aḩmadī, مُحَافَظَة اَلأَحْمَدِي

  • Ziyad Eldebs

    Ziyad Eldebs

    Im in love with music 🎶 

    Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

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