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Sushanth Kulal


حول Sushanth Kulal:

A highly motivated and accomplished project management consulting engineer with a proven track record of effectively overseeing intricate projects from inception to fruition. Adept at delivering outstanding outcomes within specified timelines and financial constraints. Proficient in fostering collaboration among diverse teams to place and enforce forward-thinking resolutions. Eager to procure a stimulating position where I can harness my expertise and make a meaningful impact on an organization's triumph


 Bhoomi construction

  Directed and managed cross-functional teams in the successful execution of complex projects, guaranteeing adherence to scope, schedule, and budget requirements.  Developed and implemented project management plans, admitting defining project objectives deliverables, and timelines, resulting in streamlined workflows and improved efficiency

Shankara Narayana Construction Pvt LTD

Contributed to the major technology, engineering, and construction conglomerate's various diversified business sectors, including irrigation, power, transportation, industrial buildings, roads, and highways,Successfully collaborated on the Bharamasagara Lift Irrigation Project, a significant state government/union territories water resources initiative in Karnataka.

Ninetech Infra Solution PVT LTD

quality standards by applying rigorous quality control measures during the re-construction, widening, strengthening, and renewal of State Highways as a member of the Project Implementation Unit-State Highway Development Project, Public Works Department, under the Government of Karnataka. Successfully carried on comprehensive inspections and audits to identify and rectify any deficiencies or non-compliance issues, ensuring the delivery of high quality infrastructure solution.


Diploma in Civil Engineer

Earned a Diploma in Civil Engineering from Karnataka (Govt) Polytechnic, Mangalore Gained comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Civil Engineering Successfully finished coursework in various subjects such as structural analysis, construction material, and transportation engineering.

محترفون من نفس قطاع البناء/المرافق مثل Sushanth Kulal

محترفون من قطاعات مختلفة بالقرب من Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

وظائف بالقرب من Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

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