Saja Alqadri

Saja Alqadri

Kuwait City, مُحَافَظَة اَلْعَاصِمَة

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About me:

With over 6 years of hands-on experience in teaching the English Language, I am
quality-driven and energetic. I take pride in my teaching abilities and believe in
exceptional educational standards. I am dedicated to my diverse students and
developing their knowledge as well as the proficiencies necessary for their
individual requirements and achievements. During the course of my education and
career, I appreciated learning new things and helping others, this had an indispensable
impact and success on my personal development. I enjoy creating an interactive
and exciting learning experience and classroom. I am familiar with several online
teaching platforms and apps.


I have been working as an ESL teacher for almost 7 years with various levels. I have been teaching English to non-native speakers from all age groups. I have obtained my BA in English Literature and a TESOL certificate which qualifies me to teach English to second language learners. I have also done intensive training in my field. 


Al-Hayat Universal School, Kuwait Aug 2019 - Present

English Language Teacher, Grade 5
® Maintaining accurate and up to date student records as required by law, district
policies and administrative regulations.
® Ensuring departmental objectives and goals are met throughout the year.
® Creating balanced lesson plans; outlining objectives, standards and teaching
methods to be delivered along with formative and summative assessment plans.
® Conducting individual and group activities that enhance student critical
thinking skills.
® Creating lessons that are both culturally appropriate and on par with Ministry
of Education guidelines.


Al-Ghanim Bilingual School, Kuwait Aug 2016 - 2019
English Language Teacher, Grade 2 and 3
® Adapting curriculum materials to students’ needs, abilities and readiness.
® Part of the accreditation committee; collecting evidence across all departments
of how the school’s vision and statement are being implemented.
® Writing reports for the accreditation committee.
® Creating unit plans and updating 2nd and 3rd grade curricula.
® Supporting the learning process using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic aids to
address all learning styles.
® Creating balanced lesson plans related to the given materials; that reflect the
objectives, standards and teaching methods, along with a formative / summative
assessment plan.
® Training new staff members.
® Taking the initiative to be up to date with new teaching methodologies through
various professional development opportunities provided in/out of school.
® Creating an intervention program within my team to support students
struggling academically.

Al-Ghanim Bilingual School, Kuwait. Aug 2018 - 2019
Art Teacher, Grade 2
® Creating weekly lesson plans.
® Integrating art with English into lessons.
® Setting clear objectives and goals throughout grade levels to ensure a successful
academic year.
® Planning art projects that are aligned with the art curriculum.


Move Languages Ahead, United Kingdom. July - Aug 2018
English Language Teacher
® Organizing and delivering classroom lessons to non-native speakers from
various levels.

® Developing lesson plans aligned with the British syllabus.
® Evaluating students’ progress within the lessons and camp.
® Preparing classroom materials, activities and projects.
® Preparing personalized narratives for each student’s report card.
® Evaluating students and assigning English language level.

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