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Şabāḩ as Sālim
Saina Dawood

Saina Dawood

A Seasoned & Diligent SAP Developer 8.5 years Exp
Şabāḩ as Sālim, Mubārak al Kabīr


حول Saina Dawood:

I am a SAP-ABAP Certified Developer with Netweaver 7.0. I am a multi-tasking personal who pursued Bachlore of technology along with Bachelor of classical music. I have 8+ years working experience as SAP techno functional. I have worked with clients Like Alsayer, Coach, NBC Universal, Genesis Care etc. I held the position of PI lead ABAP consultant at Al-Sayer (Non-Auto) project implementation and received excellence award for the same and currently serving as a lead consultant in Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic affairs, Kuwait. I am adept in developing, testing, and debugging complex business-critical code, Creating new software solutions and modifying existing code to address issues, Reviewing interfaces, systems, and prototypes for compliance with standards, Coordinating with project managers and quality assurance to ensure top-quality code. I possess excellent problem solving skills with the ability to locate the source of the problem and then find a feasible solution in a fast and efficient manner.

With my demonstrated track record of consistently combing my knowledge and expertise with sound business practices, I can position companies for long-term growth and profitability and I am confident that I would be an excellent fit.

Any opportunity with ENOC Dubai will be worth capitalizing for me whereby my passion for programming and programming excellence will contribute to your continued business success and I can get an opportunity to learn and enhance my skills because I believe there is an intensive learning and career development attached to it. I would really like to capitalize this excellent opportunity to learn a great deal of skills and knowledge and apply my skills and experience effectively to achieve the organization goals.

Yours Sincerely, 

Saina Dawood


I am 8.5 years experienced SAP-ABAP Certified Developer. I have earned a reputation as self-directed personnel with excellent communication, analytical, interpersonal problem solving skills, quick adaptability to changing business processes and trends.



Bachelor of Technology in Computer science (B.Tech) with honours from RAJASTHAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY

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