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I am a Multifaceted Finance Management Professional with 22+ years of extensive experience in a senior financial-management role, partnering with C-Level executive staff, resulting in the development and implementation of creative strategies with competencies in strategic planning, financemanagement, risk management, general administration, and cross-departmental process improvements. I am seeking an enduring position with a progressive organization to mobilize resources, objectively pursue opportunities, and lead the achievement of results.
I have extensive experience in managing teams to execute complex functions and fostered proactive and professional relationships with the business, providing robust challenge and insight on business risk and control processes. I am skilled in monitoring and analyzing various accounts and financial aspects of an organization to facilitate sound business decision making to provide value-added results that could add to the bottom-line.

I believe my commitment to excellence, ability to work with and lead teams towards achieving great results and my proven business skills will give me a unique and informed perspective from which I can add significant value to your business and make me a valuable member of your organization


Head Of Finance May.21 – Jan.22 Kana group company W.L.L
Founded in 2010, Kana Group has become a leading provider of health and beauty services in Kuwait. Kana Group operates three main businesses: Nail Station Beauty Salon, New Life Clinic, and Medica Care Clinic.
• Ensure high standards of quality and professional financial management are always met.
• Manage the Company’s earnings to ensure growth at an increased rate.
• Ensure that consolidated financial statements are prepared in compliance
with IFRS and regulatory requirements.
• Facilitate the development of clearly defined and updated policies and
procedures for financial control that cover all financial matters associated
with the business and which assign and identify accountability.
• Manage and review the chart of accounts every year.
• manage the relationship with subsidiaries.
• Efficiently and effectively managed.
• Ensure adequate accounting, supporting records, and internal control
systems are adequately maintained.
• Lead the annual budgeting process for the Company
• Maintain consistent business planning, budget, and review procedures
throughout the Company and monitor budgetary control systems.
• Develop the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for performance monitoring and quality measurement purposes for the Financial Control
Division and periodically monitor its personnel achievements.
• Monitor the Company’s performance using relevant MIS and budgetary
reporting tools for the Company’s operations.
• Monitor average interest rate spreads and margins and develops
marginal cost/benefit analyses.
• Direct, motivate and assess the department’s employees to increase their
productivity and achieve high quality.
• Maintain relations with the external auditor and investigate their findings
and recommendations.

Finance Manager Mar 2016 – Jan 2021 Health Assurance Hospitals Company, (Dhaman) Kuwait - Al Kuwait
Dhaman is structured as a public-private partnership (PPP) entity, with a pledged capital of KD 230 million. Its objective is to build and operate a fully integrated, world-class health system to service critical segments of the population of Kuwait.
• Served as The Trusted Business Advisor, proffered strategic advice for investments, strategized vital business decisions, determining strengths and weaknesses, and presented a series of straightforward recommendations.
• Evolved the Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting process to aid decision-making and strategy alignment
across the Company.
• Key Team Member of Implementation Oracle fusion leveraged next-generation technology for enhanced
• Formulating and implementing financial strategies, objectives, policies, and procedures with a primary focus on establishing internal controls and ensuring optimal utilization of Company resources.
• Functioning as the analytical engine of the Company, proffering data-driven insights to support optimal financial business decision making- optimize the company’s financial health/performance and strategic position.
• Presiding over day-to-day financial operations, establishing and implementing departmental policies/procedures & tracking company financial performance.
• Delivering robust, timely, accurate financial reporting, fully compliant with IFRS, governance / regulatory requirements of all statutory bodies and Group accounting standards and stands up to audit scrutiny.
• Collating monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial report/ information decks for the Management. Empowering them with financial insights and metrics.
• Establishing an annual comprehensive budget & forecasting and analyzing the variance.
• Managing critical components of any business - cash flow management monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
• Administering cost management, preparing, and reviewing service & construction cost monthly & yearly.
• Liaising with the external audit firm (BDO) for planning the annual audit.
• Analyzing costs, pricing variable contribution sales results and the company’s performance compared to
business plans.
• Supervising finance leasing and long-term borrowing management.
• Reviewing fixed assets schedule & capital expenditures, which are critical to an organization due to their
substantial initial costs, irreversibility & long-term effects.
Dimah Capital is a competitive force among Sharia-compliant investment banking and wealth management corporations; it offers its clients a diversified range of Sharia-compliant investment solutions.
• Trusted Advisor on mergers & acquisitions, an expert in delivering vision and value. Administered the acquisition of AlFawz Investment company and supervised the company's capital enhancement process.
• Assisted in commanding/ controlling the company’s finance function, ensuring company financial systems are robust and compliant and support current activities and future growth.
• Operational budget holder responsible for ensuring corporate budgeting processes, forecasts and financial
projections are carried out timely & accurately.
• Developed and implemented strategies to improve accounting operations effectiveness, including developing and executing organizational, process and system changes.
• Managed all accounting operations, including billing, A/R, A/P, GL and counsel, cost, and portfolio accounting.
• Supervised preparation of financial statements validated the integrity of net revenue and balance sheet account balances. Generated CMA report & CBK Report.
• Generated real insights to help deliver value to the business. Participated in formal and informal meetings With Bank Directors, Trustees, Senior Management, Counsel, Outside Accountants and Consultants, shared information and discussed findings.
Assistant Finance Manager January 2007 - February 2016 Dimah Capital investment Company, Kuwait - Al Kuwait




Bachelor's degree, 

Azhar University, Palestine, September 2000
 Certified Management Accountant, Aug 2018 (CMA)
   Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA), July 2020
Certified International Financial Reporting (IFRs) 2016
Certified International Financial Accounting, (CIFA) ,2014

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